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I started working on this site after seeing Fabien Sanglard's personal website. The minimalist styling and relatively easy tech used inspired me to create one of my own.

From 2013-2021, I was a combo sysadmin/pit crew member for an IndyCar and IMSA team. My goal was to take the knowledge I gained from the job and move into the DevOps field. As I started following the outline, I continued work on this site in order to have a place to make a few little articles about what I've worked on. I have since expanded it to include some other technical projects (personal and professional) that I've worked on.

In February 2021, I was able to fulfill my goal of getting a DevOps related job for a large software company in my area.

That's me swinging the outside rear around in the back!

The layout is all HTML and the styling is all CSS. There is currently minimal Javascript only on the home page that functions as a view counter. I will continue writing new articles and improving on the styling and tech used as time goes on. I likely will not update old articles, unless I make a site-wide change that requires it.

Articles will be based around different projects I have worked on, usually mechanical or technical. Working on mechanical projects helps me think about how I work on technical projects, and vice-versa.